Life is short and it is drifting by…

Last night I saw my mommy cry and daddy is not home
He is not coming back and mommy’s raising us alone
The man came by and gave us three days to leave
Packing the only home I’ve ever known
Wiping the tears on my sleeve; we grieve
Retrieve the memories of love once felt
Love once shared
Before the alcohol…love was there
And now just four bare walls
Four lost souls
Three kids one mommy
No where to go
Daddy called, wants mommy back
Now once again her eyes are black
Just like that, her eyes are black

All grown up but still a child
Running from my mistakes now
Some dig holes to escape
I’m slowly digging my own grave
All grown up, my own black eyes
Mommy taught me not to cry
Mommy said stick by his side
Never let them see you cry
Two little girls, Gracie and Alex
Needing direction, needing protection
Needing someone strong enough to take action
I never learned how, it’s too late now
Trying to keep this house a home
Don’t wanna raise my girls alone

All grown up she comes to visit
Blue black eyes I couldn’t miss it
If I had a thousand wishes
I’d use them all to have been strong
Leave that man, leave that home
Strength to raise my girls alone


~ by livedlovedlost on December 26, 2013.

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