Blue Eyes


Blue eyes, smooth guise.  In a matter of days between my thighs.  Long nights, no cares.  Fingers tangled in my hair.  His stare.  Bone chilling, mind thrilling.

No thoughts for the future.  Learned that from the past.  No stress for tomorrow, or making this last.  The last time, so deep inside me he creeped into my mind.  Time stopped, time wasting, hands around my throat, heart racing.

Tasting his kiss, feeling his touch.  Wishing for nothing and everything at once. I blush. He sweats. Blood rushes.  I forget all the reasons to say no.  Lost in the throes of passion, any and all inhibition crashing…

Decisions made – not good, not bad.

We are.

It is.

So happy…yet sad.

Enjoying one another.  Texts and phone calls shouldn’t make me flutter, shouldn’t think about that night, makes my insides shutter and ache.  This might not be forever but can’t call it a mistake.  I’ll take another night before we say goodbye….

I’ll laugh in his arms or maybe I’ll cry.  Maybe I’ll live or maybe we’ll die.  I’ll try.


Blue eyes.


~ by livedlovedlost on December 19, 2013.

3 Responses to “Blue Eyes”

  1. This is pretty good! thanks for sharing!

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