Inescapable; I can’t escape the thought of you.  Irreplaceable; I can’t replace the essence of you.  Your presence, breath-taking.  Your absence, suffocating…Inescapable in mind, inescapable in time, every word and every smile repeatedly on rewind so that not one moment is lost from my memory.

Memories….try to remember the last words said, mixed with those I imagined.  Saddened by your absence, comforted by your presence and your hand on the small of my back when we embrace, hearts race, or maybe just mine.  So fine like rich aged expensive top shelf wine.  I wonder if, with time, I’ll wake up next to you, chest to you, legs wrapped around your waist, the sex with you…I wonder.

Lost by your secrecy, maddened by your distance, confused by your actions, captured by your persistence.  Pissed when you are away, forgotten madness just to hear you say my name.  Frustration melts into oblivion, kept within when our eyes meet.  I adore every detail I take in when I see you again.  Speckled grays in your hair from time and life, your mind filled with stories I’ll hear…one night.  Words lost in the sea of your eyes, pulsing anger turns to pulsing blood gathering between my thighs.  I try to focus but lose, choose to get lost in your “I need another chance” and “I’m not this man” and “Can we start again?”

Willing to fight a battle with a stranger when I’m unaware of the cost, for worse or for better, all because I feel like I’ve known you forever.  I wish every embrace could last forever, an inescapable moment in time.  Inescapable in my mind.


~ by livedlovedlost on September 5, 2013.

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